How To Get More Technology Slots In Exosuit?

Technology slots in the Exosuit are a special space suit requiring a pocket to put cool things in. These things can help you on a mission, like breathing better on different planets and protecting yourself from danger. Getting more technology slots means you can have more super-powerful tools.

You are exploring the future space! Ever wondered how to make your Exosuit even cooler? Well, it’s all about knowing “How To Get More Technology Slots In Exosuit.” Sounds fancy. Don’t worry. I’ll guide you through simple steps to upgrade your Exosuit’s superpowers. Get ready to dive into the possibilities and level up your gear.

If you want to make your exosuit better in the game No Man’s Sky, you can get more technology slots. These slots help your character do more cool things. You can do this by following the game’s story and doing missions. Collecting something called “nanites” will also help.

Upgrading Your Exosuit For More Technology Slots

Your Exosuit is like a special suit that helps you in your space adventures. It has “slots” where you can put different things to make it even better. Some of these slots are for technology that gives you cool abilities. If you want to make your Exosuit even more remarkable, you can upgrade it.

This means making it better and giving it more slots. Having more slots is like having more pockets to carry things. When you have an upgrade in mind, How To Get More Technology Slots In Exosuit, you’ll need something called “Units.” Units are like the game’s money. You earn them by exploring and discovering new things. With enough Units, you can buy the upgrades you want for your Exosuit.

The Exosuit Inventory System


Think of the technology slots in your Exosuit as little pockets where you can put gadgets and tools. Like you have pockets in your pants to carry toys or snacks, the Exosuit has slots to hold things like jetpack boosters, shields, and scanners. Each of these gadgets helps you do different things in the game.

Importance of Upgrading Technology Slots

While playing No Man’s Sky, you have a backpack with only a few pockets. You can only carry a few things, right? It’s the same with the Exosuit. By upgrading your technology slots, you can carry more and better gadgets. This makes your character in the game more powerful. Finding ways to get more technology slots is like getting a bigger and better backpack for your adventures in the game.

Beyond Technology Slots

Beyond Technology Slots
Beyond Technology Slots

Once you’ve learned about getting more technology slots for your exosuit, it’s also important to know how to make your exosuit even better for your space adventures. These upgrades go beyond adding technology slots and focus on improving how your exosuit helps you survive and explore.

This suit is also called a life support system. This is like a virtual backpack that helps you breathe and stay healthy in different environments. By upgrading this system, you can make it last longer. You don’t have to worry about running out of breath or getting sick. This is helpful when you’re exploring new planets with strange atmospheres.

Planets can be harsh with extreme temperatures or toxic air. The suit can protect you from these dangers with its hazard protection. This way, you can gather resources and explore more without fear of the planet’s challenges.

Community and Multiplayer Benefits

When you’re exploring the universe in No Man’s Sky, you’re not alone! The game lets you team up with friends or other players worldwide. This teamwork can be super helpful, especially when upgrading your Exosuit. You can also work together to gather resources needed for upgrades. You and your friends explore different planets and resources to help each other.

In the game, you can meet up with other players in the Nexus Anomaly. You can show off your upgraded Exosuit and learn from what they’ve done. You can trade stories about your journeys and get inspired by each other’s progress. You’re not playing a game when you play with friends or other players. You’re building a community of space explorers who help and support each other.

Maximizing Your Exosuit for Efficiency

Finding the right balance is important to make your exosuit work even better in the game. This means deciding what upgrades you need. There are two kinds of upgrades: technology upgrades and storage upgrades. Storage upgrades give you more room to carry stuff around. It’s like having extra pockets in your suit.

You have to decide how many technology and storage upgrades you want. The best idea is to find a balance. You can have some technology upgrades that help you, like better protection on harsh planets or tools that mine resources faster. And then you can also get some storage upgrades to carry more things without worrying.


Expanding your Exosuit’s technology slots is vital for enhancing your No Man’s Sky adventure. How To Get More Technology Slots In Exosuit By upgrading your Exosuit and seeking out drop pods, you’ll gain more space to install valuable upgrades. Completing quests and visiting space stations can also help you unlock extra slots. Trading navigation data is another strategy to consider.

It’s crucial to balance technology and storage upgrades based on your playstyle. Efficient resource management and optimizing life support and hazard protection modules are key. Sharing strategies in the multiplayer community can lead to collaborative benefits. Completing quests and visiting space stations can also help you unlock extra slots.

With improved technology slots, your Exosuit will be tailored to your journey, aiding your exploration and survival endeavors. Take these simple steps and make your Exosuit an even more powerful tool in your spacefaring experience.

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